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African Diaspora People in Love

This short and sharp article is for the African Diaspora planning to return to Africa to settle down, for holidays, or for business.

Now before diving into hot water please remember this article is for Educational and Inspirational purposes only.

My heart is broken after realising that the diaspora has many illusions of utopia that it maintains when coming back to Africa. And the worst is to see many people living in the WEST like “rags” with hopes to come and experience Africa like kings and queens leading to devastating failures.

Below are some seductive deadly traps awaiting the diaspora and the fifth will make you feel guilty and you don’t want to miss that out.

1. Expensive Housing:

Many people from the diaspora return to Africa and want to live in a big house with a pool so they can invite their friends and family for pool parties.

That is awesome, right?

Unfortunately, the bitter truth is the price!

Let’s say you are in Abidjan, Dakar or even Bastos a VIP quarter in Yaounde-Cameroon. You will surely not find a house with a swimming pool of less than One Million FCFA (1500 Euros) per month.

The paradox is the fact that there are many of them who have a modest life in the West but want to play ’’Douk- Saga’’ in Africa.

2. Expensive School Fees For Children:

Furious Entrepreneurs Kids Sited Group Picture

African diaspora returning with their children want to enroll their children in American or French schools.

Now what you need to understand is the fact that it is extremely costly and will drain your finance especially if you are not yet ELON MUSK.

Thus you can always send your children to an affordable school.

3. Constantly Eating Out:

I realized that people from the diaspora when they come to Africa enjoy eating out at the most expensive restaurants.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying you should not eat out and enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

What we simply mean is that constantly eating out is not the best for your health, finance, and security.

” The elder sister of my friend after coming to Cameroon for holidays from France was poisoned by her long-time friend she invited at a restaurant on the eve of her departure back to France.”

4. Buying Luxury Cars:

” I was very shocked two years ago while selling a car in Cameroon to a gentleman who told me the car was for a lady from the USA coming to Cameroon for 1 month. ”

My humble advice will be to rent a car when coming to the country for such a short period.

The choice is yours!

5. Having Multiple Sex Partners:

We know your story!

Yes, that feeling of joy and excitement when coming back to Africa thinking of your ex- (girlfriend /boyfriend) and all the sweet moment you had together without mentioning all the ladies/gentlemen you have been admiring now impatiently waiting for you.

Then suddenly you found yourself engulf by the fantasy you always dreamt of.

Unfortunately, this is a captivating temptation but not irresistible as life is a matter and choice and priority as going through that path usually leads to bankruptcy, incurable illness, and death.

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6. Too many House Helps:

It was shocking to see African Diaspora having a dozen house helps.

For example; a house cleaning lady, cook lady, gardener, husband, wife and children’s drivers respectively etc

Now listen carefully, unless you’re a Multi-Millionaire you should probably reduce house help staff otherwise we all know how things are going to end right?

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  1. Waooooo
    These are all realities of life.
    If our friends from out there, after having made good money still fall because of these, then what more of the locals who follow same trend with little or average earnings and living standards?

    This piece reminds us of who we are.
    We must help ourselves to sustain a lifestyle without pride🙌
    The best isn’t Oly in luxury.

    Thank you for this wonderful piece.👏👏

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